I've been volunteering with animal rescues since 1999. In 2010, I decided to start my own in order to give the public a more well-rounded, properly assessed dog. I am not a rescue that picks up a dog on Wednesday, gets it vetted on Thursday, and adopts it out on Friday. That is completely unfair to the dog and the adopter. I will be as up front as possible on the dogs I have in my rescue as far as age, temperament, health, etc. I vet them to where they are as healthy as I can get them (no health is guaranteed with dogs, but I do my absolute best.) My adoption prices are a bit higher than most, but that's because I work with the dog on a regular basis in my home - grooming, training, living - as if it's my own dog, therefore I can give you the full spectrum of their behavior and what you can expect. What is written in each dog's bio in bold IS A MUST, so please have everyone in the household read it thoroughly before applying. We want to make sure the dog and the adopter(s) are happy with the adoption.


Dog adoption fees are:


Puppies (under 15 months) - $300

Adults (15 months up to 9 years) - $250

Seniors (9+ years) - $150


In this fee, you get:


  • Spayed/neutered
  • Microchipped
  • All vaccines (appropriate with age)
  • Bordetella vaccine
  • Heartworm tested (unless it's a puppy) and on preventative
  • Flea/tick preventative
  • Wormed
  • Groomed
  • Training/manners
  • Each dog comes with leash, collar, bag of food they are currently on, toys, chews, treats, and whatever else they've accumulated during their stay.


Certain dogs will have required high-priced treatments that will exceed their adoption fee (i.e. bladder stones, knee surgery, cyst/lump removals/biopsies, dentals, etc.) Oftentimes, the dog you adopt from me is a BARGAIN! A puppy from a breeder is about $250-$350, and they're not spayed/neutered or crate trained (which is the toughest part of a puppy), so it's best to get a dog or puppy from my rescue!


The dogs that come from my smoke-free home are squeaky clean and ready to go!


NOTE: If you have allergies, getting a dog that doesn't shed isn't necessarily going to help you. The non-shedding feature helps, but people are often allergic to the saliva. If you have horrible allergies, a dog of any kind will upset the applecart and make you miserable. Too many allergy triggers at once and your immune system will be overtaxed. Please consider this and talk it over with your ENT/doctor before adopting a non-shedding dog.