People always ask, "How do you do what you do?" Well, here are all the businesses that are working behind the scenes to make POMH Rescue successful. Every small detail counts in a big way for us, so we don't want to leave anyone/anything out. You want to know the secrets and the reason behind them, here they are in alphabetical order.





Letha has worked with about half of my foster dogs to get them balanced. For people with stressed/emotionally damaged dogs, I suggest they try Letha at least once. Really observe and listen as Letha explains the details of your dog from nose to tail. "But I don't believe in Reiki." Even if you don't, having your dog experience a calm person (that asks nothing of them) in a serene setting is always beneficial. I take every opportunity to expose my foster dogs to something positive, it's worth taking your dog wherever Letha is to have her give the dog a once-over. She does home visits if it's too stressful for your dog to leave the house.






I regularly get in foster dogs with mysterious health problems, and I start to Google. You're not supposed to google, you'll freak yourself out. If you're like me and can't help researching, here's an informative website to go to in order to better understand your dog's health issues. Of course, this doesn't replace taking the dog to the vet for actual diagnosis, but it helps you be more informed when you talk to your vet. The one thing I don't agree with Dr Becker is her stance on de-sexing dogs (spay/neuter). I've taken in many dogs whose hormones have caused health problems that spaying/neutering has cooled down or fixed completely (i.e. mammary tumors, swollen prostate, pyometra, to name the worst ones) as well has behavior issues (i.e. marking, escaping, etc.) Spay/neuter will always be an unending argument in the animal world.






People ask me what kind of collars I use on my fosters, and I tell them to get the Martingale that has 1) a chain instead of cloth (the cloth ones stick open, chain relaxes very quickly) and 2) a quick release feature. I've never had a dog pull out of one (they must be properly fitted to not go over the dog's head if they panic/back up/flip around on leash.) This is what I use on all the puppy mill dogs because of the no-slip/no-choke aspect of this collar, then it relaxes when they relax. This is the entry-level collar on which we start each dog when they enter our program. Every foster dog at POMH Rescue goes to their new home wearing one so they don't slip out of the collar as they adjust to their new surroundings. I've seen dogs slip out of buckle collars and harnesses, I've never lost a dog on a Martingale. (I've had one or two people tell me they have, and I can't quite figure that one out.) You don't have to get the exact one in the link above, but posting it so you can see what they look like.






I sit at events and see Schnauzers (among many other breeds) with stained fur, gunky eyes and horrible skin. At first I thought it was because people were cutting corners by buying cheap dog food, but after talking to the owners it's because they just don't know. This entry is being added so that people can learn more about the different types of food available on the market and their ingredients. Where does your dog food of choice stand in comparison to others? Want to change your dog's health for the better? When it comes to overall health, it all comes down to food. Fans of POMH rescue have watched over and over again as dogs come into my rescue as a bald, yeasty mess and turn into a stunning dog with a thick coat. Many will attest to a raw diet (you can get a free "how to feed raw" card from Nature's Farmacy in this list) - I've seen raw work for some fosters, others it has made them very sick. It all depends on the dog. (Not going to get into this argument, either, haha!)





If you have an older, large breed dog, you might want to look into trying this human-grade supplement. The sale of this product benefits Greyhound rescue, so it's a win-win.






Fantastic way to learn about grooming your dog, what a specific breed should look like (i.e. Schnauzers should never have skirts, they have a tuck!), and what your dog goes through while on the groom table. If you get a puppy that is of a breed/mix that needs groomed, watch the correlating video and start desensitizing your puppy to the grooming process - it will make your dog's life and the groomer's job so much easier. The less stress your dog experiences, the better. We owe it to them as pet owners to set them up for success in every aspect of their life, including when they get bathed/trimmed. It can be the most stressful time for a dog, but it doesn't have to be if you start them out right by conditioning them to it.






If you're a Schnauzer owner (or Cocker Spaniel, Basset Hound, or any breed that struggles with ear issues), this stuff is THE BOMB (in my opinion). It has cleared up ear issues in my foster dogs that vet-issued ear cleaners couldn't touch. This is a secret of the dog show/groomer world, smells wonderful, cuts through the grime. This will change your dog's life. You're welcome.

Note: Dispense ear cleaner OUTSIDE - don't do it in the house - when they shake their ears after it will go everywhere, and you'll have purple spots on your walls/furniture.






This is an excellent Facebook page created by author Rebecca Heishman. Not only does Becky have a big heart (she donates her books to raise money for dog rescue), but her brain creates a world of animals that is not only a feel-good story, but makes you laugh your butt off. If you ever met Millie, the furry protagonist of all her books, this is exactly how that dog talks (including the speech impediment). Becky adopted Luna from POMH Rescue and Luna will soon be making an appearance in her book series. Until then, you can follow Millie and Luna's interactions via the Facebook page. You can purchase her books by going to her website:






I was a skeptic but then tried this service. I can't live without it now. I don't have fleas in my yard, but I have so many mosquitos that I can't go outside in the morning with my dogs and yawn without sucking a bug down my throat. With Heartworm being in our area now, I want the mosquitos away from the dogs. How effective is it? Let's just say when I leave the yard to walk the dogs, I get chewed up by mosquitos walking around the neighborhood - I forget that mosquitos exist and therefore forget to spray myself with insect repellant as I cross outside of my property. This service also works on fleas/ticks. I have to mention that the results vary on the type of property you have (tiny patio-home-type yard or postage stamp yards are very hard to treat because the homes are so close together.) Paul Huff owns/operates the Southern Indiana franchise and he's excellent, as well as a huge rescue supporter. He even shows up in the sweltering heat, bless his heart! I don't have experience with the Louisville guy - I don't know if he's as good or good-hearted as Paul, but the product is excellent so try him out.






I met these people at the dog show. Their probiotics are fantastic. I couldn't get Anna's stools to firm up, their Dogzymes "Complete" coupled with quality dog food sure did the trick. Her poop almost bounces into the poop pan now (before it used to get stuck to the grass.) She's had a lifetime of GI issues. It appears as if they are cured now (knock on wood). Check out their website for a wide variety of supplements for your dog. Give them a call and they can give you a consultation over the phone.






Sara Beavin can certify you in Pet First Aid & CPR. Every pet owner, dog-sitter, groomer, dog walker, shelter worker, and rescue volunteer should take her class. Fan her Facebook page and follow updates for her next class. She also teaches dog massage classes, always a fun thing to add to your pet ownership toolbox, especially when your dog gets some age on them.






Donna Richardson is a wealth of information about your dog's (and cat's) diet. If your dog has a thin coat, needs to lose weight, has bouts of chronic yeasty ears or anal gland problems, and your vet has ruled everything out, give Donna a call. Her store is located south of Louisville in Shepherdsville, but she does food deliveries around town all the way up to Indiana.






Josh Burns and Jennifer Fisher are probably the most talented photographers you can find. Studio 351 is outstandingly rescue-friendly. "Whatever you need, we'll do it." And the photos are breathtaking! Take a look at their Facebook/Instagram and see their portfolio of images. They have posted photos of Cecilia, Ivy, Charlie, Eva, Dolly, etc. They offer to take photos of all adoptable dogs to help get them homes - they're good luck charms to the rescue community because shortly after the photos are posted, the animal finds a home! From puppy shots, to family pet photos, to a shot of your pet in its final days, they can do it all. They are located in New Albany, IN but can travel!






The key to house-training rescue dogs is 1) keeping the dog on leash for direction while training, and 2) having a clean house so there's no areas to attract accidents/marking habits. I've tried out countless carpet cleaning services, name it I've done it. I stumbled across an impressive Angie's List entry for Technicare and gave them a try. Case study: Eva was a neglected dog, so I was boosting her immune system with vitamins/supplements that made her urine potent. Then she developed a UTI after her spay (which is common), and peed in one really dark urine spot on the floor. I couldn't get the stain out. I used a Pinterest suggestion with baking soda and thought I bleached the spot beyond repair. Technicare got the stain completely out. I was stunned. Every time I walk past it, I can't believe it - the stain is still gone. No "wicking" or whatever reason most carpet cleaning companies use when a stain returns. Try them out. Tell them POMH Rescue sent ya!






Let me tell you about my lawn... I work hard on my lawn in order to keep my dogs clean. It's also interesting to see the puppy mill dogs step out onto green, plush grass for the first time (often they eat it). For most of my foster dogs, grass rolling/grass swimming is the definition of dog paradise! Jeff Uhl helps keep the bare muddy patches filled with thick grass, even if I just need a few pieces of sod. Entire yard replacement is also available (thankfully I've never had to go to that extreme). His wife is a big animal rescue supporter so I enjoy kidding around/trying to get him to add another dog to his family. They've donated a pallet of sod before as a raffle item, the woman who won it screamed when her name was drawn - you'd think she had won the lottery. Hint: We use Milorganite on our lawn to keep the root system strong to endure the constant pounding of dog feet. You can get it at Home Depot or Walmart. Fantastic stuff.